Growth in Our Order

1818 Canonical approval of first constitution
1828 2nd Monastery in Naples, Italy founded
1848 Pious Union established for lay people to participate in the order
1879 First Mexican monastery opens
1882 First Spanish monastery opens
1898 Monastery founded in Austria
1921 First monastery in Chile
1925 First monastery founded in USA
1974 Monastery founded in Africa
1970 First constitutions approved after Vatican II
1985 2nd constitutions approved
1989 Secular Institute of Perpetual Adoration approved
1991 Brother Adorers founded in Mexico
1991 Monastery founded in Brazil
1993 Brother Adorers approved as public association and given permission to found new houses
2001 Mother Mary Magdalene of the Incarnation declared Venerable Mother
Mary Magdalene of the Incarnation by Blessed Pope John Paul II
2008 Venerable Mother Mary Magdalene declared Blessed Mother Mary Magdalene by Pope Benedict XVI